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MIALS Website Has a New Look and Great New Features!

For the past few months our Website Team has been working on significant enhancements to our site that bring a fresh new look that makes information easier to find, bookings for the bus possible and more.  Our goal is to create a resource for the Mayne Island community where you can learn about all our programs and services, learn about upcoming events, and support MIALS your way with various online donation options. Below is a quick summary of some new things you can find around MIALS.org

Calendar of Events for Key Programs

On the Home Page you will find a list of our Ongoing Community Programs such as Lunch Bunch and Creative Cafe that highlights upcoming dates, times and specific activities we’re offering.  This information will be continuously updated so you can plan ahead and choose which events you would like to attend.

Book Your Seat on the Bus

We now will soon have an area to make online Day Tripper Bus Program bookings and pay by credit card.  You can pick any upcoming date for yourself (and friends) through our secure payment system.  You will receive a booking confirmation email.  And your booking will be automatically added to our passenger list for that particular date. 

Support MIALS with Online Donations

MIALS programs and services, including the new Day Tripper Bus Program, rely heavily on donations from the community and from Mayne island businesses.  Donations can now be made easily online with a credit card using a secure app designed specifically for this.  Through this app you can customize how you would like to donate by exploring options to donate a set total, or choose a custom amount.  You can also choose to donate a single time or you can set up a monthly payment amount.  In all cases you will receive a thank you letter and a link to download a tax receipt.  When  donating monthly you will receive a convenient single tax receipt at the end of the calendar  year so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of individual receipts.  Please note that on the Day Tripper Bus Program page you can make an online  donation to specifically support the bus.  You are always welcome to make donations in the usual way with a cheque mailed to MIALS or with an e-transfer or putting cash into our donation box at community events. 

Latest News Section and Revised E-News Format

Our homepage will now include an area with the latest news on MIALS programs, services, and other stories of interest to the MIALS community.  These news stories will always be found on our website, but we are also excited to be featuring them in social media posts as well.  Our revised MIALS Newsletter format will highlight the first portion of the stories as well as photos, making it easy for readers to spot what interests them. Readers will be able to click on the articles to see the whole story.  You will be able to find all past stories on the news page of the website for reading and sharing at any time.

Future Website Enhancements

The MIALS website will be continuously improved to better serve the Mayne Island community.  Future features will include a list of resources to assist aging in place on Mayne Island.  We will also soon be able to offer online ticketing for fundraising events such as the Home & Garden Tour and Mayne’s Got Talent.  We also plan to add a secure area for our volunteers with information and resources to further support them and the valuable work they do.  If you have ideas for improvement of our website or find errors to be fixed, please contact us at info@mials.ca.  Thank you!

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